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Доска объявлений


Published in February 2006
xxxii, 324 pp, illustrations

Price: $29.95 (paper), $49.95 (cloth)

The study of the confraternity movement in early modern Ukraine is vital for our understanding of the unique place Ukrainian culture and society have occupied between Eastern and Western Christianity. Ukraine andBelarus were the only countries where Orthodox lay confraternities cameinto being. Their activities coincided with a period of crucial socialand cultural change. Although structurally similar to their western European counterparts, the Eastern-rite confraternities developed their unique features. They introduced a spirit of competition between the two Ruthenian churches--the Orthodox and the Uniate--and contributed to an increase in the pace of Ruthenian socio-cultural growth. The schools attached to the Orthodox confraternities in several larger cities disseminated European humanist ideas and introduced generally accessible post-humanist education, while the confraternity presses promoted the development of scholarship and literature.

"Voluntary Brotherhood" is an English-language version of the study, which was first published in Kyiv in 1966, and since then became a classic work on Ukrainian cultural history. It is also a thoroughly revised and updated version of the original. The author has not only deleted terminology Soviet censors imposed before the book could be published in Kyiv, but has also broadened the scope of his analysis by utilizing a comparative approach and taking into account the scholarly literature on the subject published in the past four decades.

Iaroslav Isaievych is director of the Institute of Ukrainian Studies (Lviv) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He is a leading authority on Ukrainian cultural history, particularly of the early modern period, and the author and editor of many publications in Ukrainian, Polish, and Belarusian history. He made a particular contribution to the study of the history of printing and book publishing in Ukraine.

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